Create more successful project portfolios and increase research funding while building innovation capacity.

Research based academic institutions and programs recognize that to attract new funders, investigators and students in today’s increasingly competitive environment that they must produce demonstrable societal benefits in addition to contributing knowledge. This requires doing more to prepare and support faculty and students in translating research projects into practice. Excellence in science is still required, but is no longer sufficient.

The CRAASH course can help institutions and programs in several ways:

  • Proposal Development: Support teams in preparing winning proposals for translationally oriented funding (e.g. SBIR, internal tech-transfer funding, etc.)
  • Post Award Launch: Reenergize translational research projects that have stalled at completion and launch them into commercialization.
  • Skills Development: Teams learn-by-doing, improving the role-based skills of the team members to help them create valuable innovations in the future.

Complete the contact form if you would like to explore having teams from your institution/program attend one of the upcoming CRAASH courses, or work with CIMIT to develop and deliver a customized program in your area.

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