Improve the return on your investment.

Funders are under increasing pressure to generate a portfolio of projects which create a positive “return”: innovations that improve the quality and/or access of cost effective care.

The CRAASH Course can help funders achieve their mission several ways:

  • Phase 0 Awards: Take proposals with significant technical and clinical promise and use the CRAASH Course to have the teams themselves do the legwork to help you down-select to the ones that have the best overall potential.
  • Post Award Launch: Reenergize translational research projects that have stalled at completion and launch them into commercialization.
  • Skills Development: Funded teams learn-by-doing, improving the role-based skills of the team members to help them create valuable innovations in the future.

Contact John Collins if you would like to explore having teams you are supporting or are considering supporting attend one of the upcoming CRAASH courses, or work with CIMIT to develop and deliver a customized program for your community.